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Looking for a touch of luxury? The Red Pansy is a woman-owned boutique yarn shop offering a selection of high-quality yarns for your crafting projects. Every skein dyed by hand.

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The Red Pansy

Inspired by Nature

The best inspiration can be found in the natural world all around us. From crisp autumn leaves to pastel fluffy clouds, The Red Pansy showcases colors found in nature.

Inspired by Art

Art is a communication of feelings, thoughts and interpretations of the world around us. The Red Pansy commonly features interpretations of popular artist's works in yarn form to incorporate in your projects.

Inspired by Literature

Literature can bring whole new worlds of imagination alive! The Red Pansy offers colorways inspired by characters, places and emotions brought to us by a selection of well-known authors.


Skein Caking Service

Want your skeins ready to go the second you open your package? Don't want to deal with the hassle of winding? We're here for you! Just add Skein Caking Service to your cart or ask for it in the order notes at checkout.

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When I started getting back into knitting after a ten year hiatus in 2019, indie-dyed yarn was relatively new to me. I fell in love with The Red Pansy’s Ballerina colorway and it became one of the first purchases I made from one of these indie dyers. I’ve been impressed with Kelli’s drive to constantly improve and when I recently made my second purchase from her shop, I was even more blown away with her artistry and customer service.


I've been buying Kelli's yarn since 2018, and she has remained one of my favorite dyers ever since. While I primarily buy her yarn for her unique colorways that never fail to impress, I have always appreciated her customer service skills, the reliability of her service, and how accurate the skeins are to the photos she takes. Custom dyes always arrive quickly, and pre-orders have quick turnarounds!